Sunday, September 09, 2012

Celebrity style crochet bag

Celebrity Bobbles Bag

I finished my celebrity style crochet bag more than a month ago, but had to wait several weeks more for the imitation leather handles I ordered on Etsy. On my previous post, I showed the various handles I bought and I chose the one from yeahshop.
I haven't had the chance to model the bag it is on Divvy:

Crochet Bag leather handles

It's quite neat inside too, with a ready-made lining I got from an old bag. I also attached magnetic snaps.

crochet bag


  1. Hi! Could you please share the pattern you used? :) I am into crocheting as well!

  2. Hi! Project details can be seen on Ravelry:

  3. What great work Mimi.

    You always make great things.


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