Sunday, September 23, 2012

Some catching up on crochet designs

Just a random post on some designs I have made a while back...

A dog amigurumi I made last year...posing with a photo of the English bulldog puppy that inspired its creation :)

crochet english bulldog

Max and max look-a-like amigurumi

Accord Publishing's Crochet Calendar 2013, is now available. Here are two of my small designs included in the calendar :

oval crochet basket

Oval basket
a one-skein basket made from Creme de la creme worsted weight cotton. This is crocheted in one piece using a textured stitch pattern

circles bracelet

Going around in circles bracelet
a one piece bracelet made with just a small amount of cotton thread

And here's something for you - another free pattern for a mini-doily or jar topper. I've made this a while back, but only recently finished writing up the pattern.

mini doily free pattern


  1. I love your little dog amis, Mimi. I love my little mini Jetta you made me. Congratulations on getting in the new CPAD.

  2. Thanks Tina! I have to catch up on my dog amigurumi patterns ;)

  3. Love the bracelet and Jar topper Mimi! Waiting to see a Beau Doggie-Amigurumi....although that might be a rather large puppy is now 125 pounds...he is huge lol. Hugs to you my friend!

  4. Hugs Kimberly!! Beau's adorable :)

  5. Mimi, beautiful works. Congratulations!. Hugs Wa


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