Friday, December 07, 2012

Crochet buddies meetup

Our meet-up here in Quezon City was a success, thanks to all who joined :)
It is rather difficult to schedule a meeting for several people with different job commitments. Also, not everyone lives near this is from Makati, and one even had to commute from her home in Olongapo. Some other group members also wanted to attend, but unfortunately couldn't make it on the scheduled date.
The good thing is that there were 9 of us present :)
I met Fatima for the first time. (She used to live in this city too...but she now lives in Bohol.). Some of the members I have already met before, like Catyanna and Bheng

Of course when crocheters meetup there's lots of talk about yarns, projects, crochet tips, selling tips and other crafty stuff. We also exchanged gifts (mostly books and yarns)....
Here are the yarns that I brought home that day:

Wool...which can be used for felting projects. That's my WIP garter-stitch scarf worked by "knooking" technique...which Catyanna introduced to us.

More wool and a mystery yarn in black ...

Cotton yarns which I got in exchange for my Anchor size 10 threads...

Sunset, 70% merino wool 30% soybean yarn, from Lotus yarns - a gift from Fatima :)

Abaca yarn from Bheng...I immediately made shoes from this yarn, since I had a pair of torn shoes where I got a usable inner sole and outer sole.

More projects coming soon!


  1. Sana maging regular na ang meetups! Kahit once or twice a year. :)

    How are you finding knooking, Mimi? Does it go a bit faster for you (as it does for me) than knitting with regular needles would? :)

  2. Also, those abaca shoes look GREAT, what a wonderful project. Was it hard to sew it onto the sole? :)

  3. I also hope there would be more meetups, sana matuloy din ang fieldtrip to yarn stores :)
    i'd like to experiment more with knooking...yes, its faster than working with two needles ;)

    The abaca shoes is good enough, but not an exact fit, and the inner soles I got are not so comfy. I might add a leather lining to it..I didn't sew the soles, I just applied Rugby cement since that's how the original shoes were made.

  4. Wow! Those shoes look great!

    Also, I hope I can join the next meet-up :) You all seemed to have a lot of fun. And with all those goodies too!

  5. What great fun that you can meet up with fellow crafters!


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