Sunday, December 16, 2012

Crochet Stuff Update

I have more than the usual crochet stuff to update ;)

First of all, thanks to all who joined the Zinio blog promo in my previous post! I guess you're now enjoying your free digital magazine subscription :) I chose Interweave Crochet and I was delighted as I flipped through the pages of the latest issue - IC Winter 2012. I already picked my favorite projects from the magazine, most of all Dora Ohrenstein's  Quartz Lace Top...will talk about this issue again on another post :)

Now I'd like to share my latest projects ;)

Crochet and Bead Earrings

Jellyfish Earrings - this pair of earrings is a quick and easy project...if you love working with beads :)
Free instructions are on my Facebook page here. (You don't have to log-in to view the page.)

crochet abaca shoes

Abaca Shoes - These shoes really look nice, abaca material is comfortable and durable. But this pair is a bit loose-fitting, since the soles I used are size 39 and I'm a size 38 or 37. I might try wearing foot socks, so these shoes won't slip off my feet. I have yet to write up the modifications I made on my Basic Slippers pattern...

crochet bodice

Christmas Dress - this is my project for our Christmas crochet-along in our Ravelry group. I found a Christmas-y skirt, and I thought to recycle the fabric into this dress. The crocheted bodice is made from Cannon size 8 thread.

For Christmas projects its not too late to make Santa Hats and Christmas ornaments...
Here are some recent projects I found on Ravelry, made from my designs:

Playful Santa Hats

Santa Hats - my friend Tina made several hats based on the pattern Playful Santa Hat :)
crochet star ornament

Christmas stars - lovely stars by Ravelers, made from my Christmas Star Ornament pattern.

Lastly, I got a surprise from my son this weekend. He came home from Baguio with yummy breads and food treats and these yarns - 2 kilos of assorted yarns, yay!!!

Baguio yarns


  1. I have those peach, light violet , green and multicolor yarns :) sa baguio ko din binili ehehehh how sweet of your son :) sana si Dylan ko paglaki ganyan din eheheeheh The drape of that yarn is superb, parang raylon pero hindi naman :)

  2. Oo nga eh...I didn't think they'd even find time to look for the Hangar market ;)
    Parang Raylon nga yung medyo shiny yarns, ung charcoal gray parang abaca. I don't like it that we're just guessing on the composition of these yarns...

  3. It must be great to see others crocheters following your patterns, dear Mimi!
    Love those slippers.

  4. Yarn..hoorayyy!!!

    You always make so many nice things.

    And I can't remember if I asked you this already, but are you on etsy?

  5. Hi Vik, thanks! Its a thrill to see the projects made from my patterns :)

  6. Thanks Z!
    I do have a shop on Etsy, but I've only been selling pdf patterns. I plan on offering finished items, hopefully by February ;)

  7. Everyone who sees my Santa Hat I made from your pattern, loves it; Mimi. I have made Santa Hats for people the past two Christmases! That's 9 hats, so far (not including mine and Eon's= 11) :) I love your pattern. <3

  8. Haha...thanks Tina! I guess no one makes them as many and as fast as you ;) I haven't been able to make another one...maybe for next Christmas I will :)

  9. What did you use in making abaca shoes? Abaca strings?

    1. Its abaca yarn, I think. It came unlabled from Baguio, i got it from a friend.

  10. Ung ginamit ko dito malambot, so I'm not sure kung abaca nga yun.


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