Wednesday, August 14, 2013

In-a-jiffy Crochet Belt

In-a-jiffy belt
In-a-jiffy belt
I whipped up the belt at the last minute to complete the look and to match the crocheted bag and the wooden button pendant (purchased a while back, here on Etsy). I rarely use a belt, but after watching Project Accessory many times, I was inspired. My old clothes just got a new look!

A pattern isn't really necessary, but here's how I made the belt. I chose the hemp cord for its color and texture. Other thick or textured yarn can be used. Change hook size and/or add more stitches per row as desired.

In-a-jiffy Belt
by Mimi Alelis,  © 2013

Hemp cord
Crochet hook size 4mm
Button for closure
Yarn needle

Row 1: Leave enough tail of yarn for sewing-in the button later. Ch 4, dc in 4th ch from hook, turn.
Row 2 onwards: (Ch 3, dc on top of ch 3 of previous row, turn) repeat up to desired length of belt, then ch 5 or 6 (or chain just enough to fit the button), sl st on same row, fasten off.
Finishing: Sew button at the 1st row. Weave in ends securely.

In-a-jiffy belt
Crochet Belt


  1. Cute belt and the perfect accessory for that outfit! I wish I could wear belts, I can't stand feeling constricted. :-(

  2. Thanks Zu! I seldom wear belts, and this one's so light and thin that I almost forgot i had it on ;)


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