Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rainy days crafting...

The rainfall was heavy these past 3-4 days, for some here in Metro Manila or other provinces of Luzon its disastrous...

Luckily our area is safe from flooding. And its good I can choose to stay home when the weather gets bad...and I have an excuse to just craft all day :p

I need to finish first the order of placemats made from recycled denim. But I have to take a break at times, since I'm not an avid sewer... (Besides, I do get tired cutting and ripping off the denim pants.) 
I've been thinking of more ways to use the denim scraps...Meanwhile, with the idea I got from the internet a while back, I gathered the inseams to make coasters. I just sewed it on as I rolled it into a circle. The different shades of denim and colors of thread, make each coaster a unique creation ;)

denim coasters

I made three coasters, and now I have a centerpiece! This way everyone will remember to use the coasters and not harm the wooden table :)


  1. I feel so bad for those people that have to deal with all that flooding! Thankfully you're free from that. :-)
    I love those coasters! I have tons of denim at home that I'm collecting for future projects. Was thinking of a quilt.

  2. cute coasters :) HOw I wish I can also sew..

    as for the flooding.. I can totally relate.. I was stranded in our office, because Magallanes is unpassable.. quite an adventure to look for where to sleep and take a bath :)

    Goodluck on your projects.. and I'm glad that your area was not affected by flood..

  3. Hi Zu, thanks for stopping by! I've been thinking of making a blanket from denim scraps, but it could feel warm for our usual weather maybe I would make throw pillows or perhaps a pouf :)

    Hi Bheng, mahirap siguro mastranded, buti na lang sa bahay lang ko lagi...hehe ;)

  4. They turned out really nice! I am not that great at sewing, either.

    I hope you don't get any flooding there. Seems like every time it rains here, it floods.


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