Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Blue Christmas :)

I think I will have a blue Christmas...not blue as in sad - but blue as in denim blue :)

Shown below are some recycled denim projects I'm making...mainly the placemats ordered from me. I'm already getting more ideas on what to do with the scrap denims. Hmm...hoping these designs I have in mind will turn out well so I can make them holiday gifts ;)

Recycled Denim Projects
I'd like to mention again how I started with these recycled denim projects...A married couple,business friends of mine, had some neat and creative ideas for their new food business establishments. Their theme was kind of country style, and the color scheme was blue and white. They suggested that I make denim items for kitchen and for dining, and consign these to their store.

The Breakfast Store
I made assorted coasters and mug cozies from denim fabric and crochet yarn. Since I was the only "employee" in my craft business, I made only a limited number of items...most of it were sold out. However I did not continue consigning, since it took up a lot of time and wasn't as much fun as designing crochet wearables :p
Now they have another new business, its a small restaurant and as can be seen in these pics, they have the same country blue theme going.

The Breakfast Table
They've ordered the placemats from me. I'm so glad everything in their decor and in their menu, including their service, received good reviews and high ratings :)
If you are in Quezon City or nearby, please check out The Breakfast Table along Maginhawa St.


  1. The denim placemats really complete the look of the place. Congratulations, Mimi!


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