Wednesday, December 11, 2013

More recycled denim projects

I love working with blue denims :) Here's some of the denim placemats I've just finished, and I've yet to complete the order after the holidays.

Denim placemats
denim projects

I like it a lot myself...the faded denims are my favorite ;)
I'm also liking sewing projects more...instant gratification! Besides, I had to make use of the scraps of denim left after making the placemats, and its a challenge to make useful and decorative items as well :)
But here's one project that I didn't sew, I just used SewNoMore Fabric Glue. Its a bit expensive though. I tried sewing this kind of project, but its hard on the hand and takes too long to get done.

Denim coaster, round
This round coaster was made from the inseams of the denim jeans. And here's another design I came up with, that use the outer seams. I used the fabric glue in some parts, and sewed the border.

Denim coaster, square

Lastly, here's another sewing project I made at the last minute to add to the items I bought for my niece's baby shower. This was inspired by a design I saw when I searched on denim baby bib...

Recycled denim
Recycled denim, baby bib

A not so neat, but so cute project...hehe ;)

Denim Baby Bib


  1. I love love love your round coaster, Mimi. I think I'm even a bit obsessed with it, I keep marveling at how perfectly functional it is! Thank you for letting me keep it!

  2. Hihi...I'm so glad you love it Cat!!
    I was obsessed with it at first, I made 3 and didn't want to give away any. Then later my SIL saw it and asked for two of it, and I was happy that she liked it a lot. Now I'm making more ;) Material for this is limited though, since it has to be just the remaining materials from the main project (surely can't cut a denim pants just to get the seams...hahah!)

  3. Those are some great projects Mimi. Love them too. Happy New Year dear Mimi

  4. Thanks Pearlin, and Happy New Year too!


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