Sunday, January 26, 2014's cold outside!

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Weathermen said the country will continue to experience cooler days until the end of February, when the northeast monsoon or “hanging amihan" weakens. The northeast monsoon is the cold air from China that starts blowing into the country every mid-October. It usually peaks from early January to mid-February.
Metro Manila recorded its coldest morning on Saturday with the temperature dipping 16.9 degrees Celsius. Not really bad...but I cannot imagine living in freezing temperatures in other countries!  
Anyways, here you can simply add layers to your clothing, and outer clothes don't have to be so thick. Time to make use of old cardigans and jackets , since most of it don't go out of style ;)
If you crochet or knit, now's the best time to wear your creations and make some more! I'm looking at my handmades to see what can be worn and also what needs washing. 

my crochet stuff
my crochet stuff
Even cotton scarves will get a lot of use now...since I normally don't wear them during the dry season.

I reminded my son of the scarf I gave him last's the time to try it on ;)

hdc rib scarf
modelling the scarf

crochet hdc rib scarf
gray ribbed scarf

This is approx. 60 inches long and 4 1/2 inches wide. Made from a cotton blend yarn (its unlabled yarn from Baguio City), worsted weight. I used 4mm hook with hdc ribbing for the main pattern. There's an sc ribbing in the middle part, which is unintentional...since I forgot where I left-off for a while, then I continued with sc ribbing. Then I went back to hdc ribbing ;)


  1. I hope you are staying warm! I am still trying to get used to cold weather here since we moved. (I have days where I just can't get warm.) It's an adjustment. Your scarf and sweater are nice.

  2. oo stay warm Mimi, here its getting very hot. I like that sweater and scarf very much!

  3. Thanks Tina! The cold weather didn't persist, it got warm, then it got a bit cooler...

    Thanks Pearlin! I'm afraid we'll get very hot weather here too in March and April.


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