Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Update at home and a simple crochet top :)

Two months since I told myself to use my imagination more, not much has happened yet on the crafting side :p But regarding practical home improvements, I got to use a little imagination and I'm pleased with the result...most of all, this:

I bought the sofa set last July..finally, after so many years of wishing... though its only now that I was able to arrange it nicely (given the limited space ;)

Anyhow, I've yet to  work on the crafting area in my room. I already bought a big enough shelf and two rattan boxes- more storage space...for yarns!

Now for the crochet design update -
After a long while...I can now share with you the top that I contributed in the book It Girl Crochet, edited by Sharon Zientara (for release in June). Here's the prototype of my design, which I wore several times already :)

lacey top
You can take a peek inside the book on Amazon...
I have a suggestion on book orders though... I recently found out about The Book Depository wherein the price already includes free shipping worldwide! Of course, I had to try it first before I recommend it... Here's my first book order, which I promptly received after 15 days (not bad, for International mail to the Philippines!)


  1. That's wonderful, Mimi!! You are getting so many patterns published. How exciting. The top looks wonderful on you. (Were you wearing it in one of the pictures on fb, too? I said "I know she made that.." :D) Congratulations on the book/publishing, and the new couch set!! It looks great.

  2. Thank you Tina! I'm thrilled just to see the book's table of contents and its contributors :). Yes, i was wearing that top on my FB profile pic :) The sample for the book is done with a different yarn and hook. They'll be sending back the samples to the contributors too :)

  3. Love that crocheted top!

  4. Thanks Bheng, gawa ka rin nyan :)


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