Friday, March 07, 2014

Crochet and Blog updates

Old Blog

This blog has indeed grown old and needed a makeover :p I was just afraid to let go of the links and other edits I made before...but maybe those are already outdated anyway...I still need more time to organize the links and arrange them in pages. For now, I just have to try a new template and see. It probably won't hurt, and I guess no one would mind. I think this blog has survived almost 9 years now because of the free crochet patterns. Only a few friends and some followers read my ramblings...and I would like to thank them ever so much!
I hope this blog will continue to evolve as well as the crochet projects that I will be sharing :)

Incidentally, I've just received via Fedex the sample project I made for the upcoming book It Girl Crochet :) Its a bonus for a designer to get back the sample which was modeled in the book. They don't give the same benefit before, for designs that made it to the IC magazines.
Here's a preview of the can also take a look inside the book at Amazon. You can pre-order here with free shipping worldwide :)


  1. Bet you'll be surprised how many of us do read your ramblings ;-)

  2. Thank you Susan, that sounds good :)

  3. That is so exciting, Mimi! I already put the book in my wish list on Amazon. I can't wait til it comes out. (Do you get a proceed of each book sale, or just the price for the pattern you sold them? That's what they did for me, just the sale of the pattern. Then each time my pattern was published in a new book/booklet, they send me a copy of the book/booklet..) I am so happy for you! :) And I do read your ramblings, but I don't always comment. :) I like the look of the new blog, btw.

    1. Thanks Tina! I always read your blog too for we've always been neighbors and friends here on Blogger :)

    2. Its a one-time payment for the pattern as well...and a copy of the book. Also, I can sell the pattern on my own, after some time that the book got published.

  4. Love the new look :)


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