Sunday, May 25, 2014

Irish Crochet Motifs Book

My new books!
I already have several resource books...that sometimes I feel guilty buying another one, when I haven't used the others in my bookshelf. But, once in a while I stumble upon another good book :p
And, I just have to share here this one - The Go-to Book for Irish Crochet Motifs by Kathryn White.
I've always wanted to learn more about Irish crochet. There are lots of free patterns online, and the vintage ones look very interesting. But when I look closer, I find that I don't have enough time and patience to dig into the details of the patterns. As I see it, those were written in a different crochet language, even though its in English.
When I saw this book by Kathy White, I knew its what I needed to get into Irish crochet. Not only does it teach, it inspires creation and produces satisfying results. You will not get intimidated with padding cords ever again and will learn the techniques of Irish crochet from this book, from the best teacher. Btw, I learned the bullion stitch a few years ago, when I made the Bullion Stitch pincushion from Kathy's pattern ;)
The Go-to Book for Irish Crochet Motifs certainly lives up to its name. Its an informative, practical, and useful resource book I'll go to more often than all my other crochet books.

Here's the first motif I made. It has a padding cord (PC). Some of the patterns have a no-padding cord version, but I find its really worth the extra effort when using a PC :)

I plan on finishing a total of 5 different motifs as soon as I can...can't wait to show how I'll use the motifs ;)

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