Thursday, May 29, 2014

Crocheting Irish Motifs - wall decor :)

After painting my project table white, I was thinking of a way to add a touch of crochet to my crafting space. I already had a picture frame that fits the wall that needed a makeover. Then just in time, I got the Irish motifs crochet book I ordered...I had an aha moment when I flipped on its pages ;)
I then picked 5 motifs to make. Each one took about 20-40 mins... I wasn't sure since I was working on it on and off. And it took me about a week to finally get it all done and ready for display.

Irish Crochet Motifs
Irish Crochet Motifs
...can't wait to finish my crafting space makeover :)
I was supposed to get it all done today, but I had an attack of gastritis again, woe is me! This is what happens when I'm not too careful what I eat...


  1. Oh no. I hope you feel better soon, Mimi. I can't wait to see your new wall decor.


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