Sunday, May 24, 2020

Crochet and Other Stuff in 2019

Hello 2020! To whom it may concern, this year will be my 15th year in Blogger, and my 60th year in this world. I'm really looking forward... But wait, this year the world changed! Who would have known how much things will change! I started this post months ago...and left it in draft until now...I think I just need to finish it...just to complete my yearly compilation of crochet-related stuff.
So, here's my crafting for 2019.
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Crochet Projects

These are most of my projects for the year as posted on Ravelry...
Projects with details on Ravelry
The wonderful part of being able to crochet is making gifts that delight kids. Here's my granddaughter when she got the little mermaid doll

Crochet Little Mermaid Doll
The Little Mermaid
Then there's also the satisfaction one gets from being able to customize something that would help other this crochet boobies to be used to teach moms how to breastfeed.

Crochet Boobs
Crochet Boobs

And these tiny booties for the preemies at the hospital. I made several pairs, mostly in white.

Preemie Baby Booties
And here's a gift I made for a friend visiting from abroad, January 2019.

Crochet Dreamcatcher
Crochet Dreamcatcher

I only published one free pattern on my blog, though I made up several small patterns that we used when I was teaching crochet to some moms at a local children's hospital.

Crochet Flounder free pattern
Crochet Flounder Amigurumi
Flounder Amigurumi - free crochet pattern
(Disclaimer: Pardon the ads appearing on the pattern.)

Also in 2019, I submitted a tote bag pattern for the WeCrochet Magazine Spring 2020 issue.

Other Stuff

Crochet session
At the Philippine Children's Medical Center, July 2019...crochet session that ended with fruit-eating session 😍

More crafting soon...I hope, and may I come up with some more crochet designs.

Thanks for looking! Here's my end-of-the-year 2019 pic. See you in 2020! 😎


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