Thursday, August 27, 2020

Back to Crochet and Crafting...

With all the initial stress of this pandemic, I didn't feel like crafting for a while. Until recently, that is. Now I feel I'm back to my crochet and crafting mojo! 
First I decided to finish this ancient project of mine, started in 2011. This was the prototype of my design published on Interweave Crochet Summer 2013. The pattern is available here.

A beach-ready outfit waiting for the opportunity.

Next, my newest crochet/sewing project...its granny squares and recycled denim! First time I enjoyed making granny squares! 
This started as a wearable project for a child, based on this pattern ...thinking it would be for my granddaughter. But having made the squares using local size 8 threads, I realized its not going to be comfy to wear in our warm weather, its also a bit scratchy on the skin, and most of all will take too much time. 
Now, as I admire the squares I made so far, I thought of what I could make with it. I imagined a bag, a child's bag...and its going to be combined with denim for that modern, and edgy vibes.

And now, its finished! I like it a lot...will my granddaughter like it too? I'll save it for her next birthday.

I'm currently working on two crochet thread projects. One of which I intend to submit as a design proposal...I need to work faster now as the deadline is near. 

Thanks for looking, and please keep on following my posts...I will try not to disappoint 😀
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  1. cute ng sling bag. good way to recyle denim.

    1. Thanks Fe! ...I still have plenty of denim material for recycling projects ;)

  2. Olá, bom dia. Eu estou fazendo uma campanha para arrecadar fundos para voltar para minha terra. Porque estou com problema de saúde e gostaria de ficar perto da minha família. Desde já agradeço! muito obrigada... E se você puder colaborar clique no link abaixo:


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