Friday, June 02, 2006

Hongkong Pics

The pics here were from my brothers. The photo above, though, was taken by me, at home :)
There was a roving photographer at Ocean Park and they sell the photos mounted on the ceramic plate and 2 extra copies for quite an expensive amount. But of course, we couldnt resist...

First day, just outside the hotel at one corner, we were all looking at a map and my father and brothers making sure that mom and me dont get lost shopping :p

On the second day, we went on tour to Ocean Park. This was the day that I enjoyed the most!

The first picturesque site we saw:

Then, we had to go up the hill and it wasnt really easy even with this very long escalator. We had to go up on four of these!

All rides are included in the entrance fee, but we werent crazy enough to ride any...

Before lunch, we watched the sea lions and dolphins show.

Somehow, we got unlucky picking a place to eat there, the buffet was all reserved so we had to walk downhill to another restaurant. I think this is just a small fraction of what we traveled on by foot, or maybe because I was too tired and hungry, I felt it was endless...

After eating, we went to see the jellyfishes and went around the biggest aquarium.
One of the sharks we saw up-close.

These are the cable cars at Ocean Park, we were inside one when this pic was taken. Not a pleasant ride at all!

On the third day we went by bus and ferry boat to Lantau island to see the big Buddha. It was raining hard, so we werent able to take much photos.

At the pier, with my brother:

Last day, more shopping (and by shopping I mean looking at all the wonderful things there is to buy, but hardly able to buy anything)! Then we had to go home.
After checking in, we had a lot of time to view the HK airport. It was marvelous!


  1. Seems you really enjoyed yourself in hongkong bonding with your family.

    The first time i went to Ocean Park, i acted like a kid!!! lol

    Cant wait to see the stuff you bought . Was is shop till you dropped?

  2. Oh Wow!!! Everything looks beautiful there. The cable cars remind me of some we have here over the Royal Gorge. (I'm scared to death to go on them.) It looks like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing it with us! :)

  3. Thanks Jeng and Tina! I'm glad you liked my pics :D

  4. Wonderful pictures-how great you were able to be with your entire family.

  5. Thanks Deneen! Would have loved to bring my sons with me, but it would be too expensive...

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful vacation with us, Mimi, it looks like such a fantastic time. Unfortunately, though, it seems as though four days wasn't nearly enough :( I would love to go there some day, it looks absolutely magnificent! Thanks again, the pictures are so...well, picturesque ;)

  7. Thanks Jaye! I'm so glad I'm able to share this. Yes, the 4 days wasnt enough, there were really lots more to see. Even one day at ocean park isnt enough, I love that park! There were plenty of foreign and local tourists there. I'd highly recommend going there ;)

  8. Wow..looks like fun and you made me feel i was there...i was starting to worry about where you had gone..glad you had fun and welcome back.

  9. Thank you, Shaylen! So glad to hear from you again ;)

  10. Wow Mi! that is really an awesome trip you have there. I've been to Hongkong but only for an overnight stay/stop over from Australia going back to Cebu. I haven't toured around the place. Just the airport that is really super huge!

  11. Hi Fe! I was also amazed how big and wonderful the HK airport is. I hope you will be able to go there again on vacation. I can just imagine how fun it would be to go there with friends ;)

  12. WOW - fantastic pictures, just beautiful!

  13. Thanks for visiting, Pam!
    Btw, I love your profile pic ;)

  14. cherrycola09 June, 2006

    As you might have guessed, sis, I would've been crazy enough to ride the rollercoaster. Haha!


  15. Great pictures Mimi! I´ve enjoyed them really because I don´t think I ever visit HK - In Argentina I am at the opposite site of the Earth!-

  16. Thanks Sis and Vik, I'm glad you also enjoyed viewing my pics!
    Sis, I would've love to see you enjoy a thrilling ride in Ocean Park ;) And I would've had so much fun to go on vacation with you! Miss you a lot ;)

    Vik, I hope you do get to vacation in Hongkong someday. Its a wonderful place to visit ;)


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