Saturday, August 19, 2006

A bit of cleaning up...

Hi! I've been cleaning up my blog today and found some ways to tidy it up.
First, I made sure all my past projects are linked at the sidebar, in case someone wants to take a look, or is searching for a specific item.

Next, I had to do something with that archives list that has become long already after 15 months of blogging. Now I have this:

I saw it on my friend CL's blog, so I just asked her how she did it and she sent me the link. Thanks CL!

Next, I thought there must be some site also to be able to generate a drop down menu for the other lists in my sidebar. I found this site on the first page of google search. But I havent tried it yet. Instead, I made a page for my crochet blogs links, so I can just put a link to that page on my sidebar, and free up some space.


  1. Wow Mimi your blog is getting very high tech. ;) That's so neat. I am still not very computer smart. Maybe my kids will teach me more as they learn it in school... Hee hee

  2. isnt hard really, Tina. If I can do it, you can too! Only difference I see is, I have more time in front of the computer to figure it out ;)

  3. Good idea to organize the monthly archives!


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