Thursday, August 03, 2006

Crochet and more...

I guess you've had enough looking at my scrunchies so I wont be showing you any more (but here's a closer view you'll be surprised to see)...hehe...
I know that there are tons of scrunchie patterns out there, it is really hard to choose, so I stick to my own pattern. The colors and the assorted beads some of which were recycled from bracelets and necklaces, make each piece different. I also like to say that it is in the wearing, that a scrunchie pattern is put to the test. Those who got my scrunchies loved wearing them =)

So aside from my little WIP's, I have some patterns to test for my designer friends. One of it is a purse made of WW yarn and its details are still secret for now, until my friend is ready to announce it.
The other two patterns that I cant wait to test is for Kathy. I'm really looking forward to wear one of Kathy's designs =)

Lastly, I finally bought a scanner after thinking about it for several months. My son immediately said, "where did you get the money?, we could have bought lots of food with it" :p I told him he still gets to eat his favorite pizzas and chocolate bars, so he shouldnt say that. Besides, am I not working hard to justify this pretty good investment??


  1. I love it when the kids question the parents about any purchase that won't effect them at all-always worried they're going to miss out on something-LOL

  2. Yes Deneen, it would be quite amusing if it was a kid saying that. But coming from a 16 yr. old, somehow it bothers me :p

  3. But if he ever has to use it for school work?....

    I think it is cool. All I have is a printer.

  4. LOL I forgot to say, you know how teenage boys are and food!! (Mine is only fourteen and whew...)

  5. You said it Tina, seems they are always hungry...
    And yes, he will soon love what I bought because it so cool!

  6. I like your hair scrunchies.

  7. Thanks Wendy, I'm glad you looked =)


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