Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Favorites

Hi! Here are a some of my current favorites for fun and learning:

First, a funny blog
What Not to Crochet . I was really giggling at the stuff and most of all at the author's comments.

Second, my favorite comedian/actor is Jerry Seinfeld and I'm really having a good time reading his book:

Here's an excerpt.

Third, an exercise video, Jane Fonda's Prime-Time Workout. I've been using this since the late 80's! Not regularly though, just when I feel its time to get serious on exercise. Then, when I feel good again, I can go back to my unhealthy habits :p

Fourth, my favorite author/illustrator is Andrew Matthews. I love his self-help books, very practical and very funny too. One of his books that I have:

Here's an excerpt.

Lastly, my current favorite T.V. shows are:

The Simpsons
and Martha


  1. 1) I read Jerry's book when it first came out and loved it.

    2) I still watch Seinfeld *almost* daily.

    3) I am wearing a Simpson's t-shirt right now. =)

    4) I'm sorry, but I just cannot stand Oprah. She does nothing for me, otherwise, great choices/favorites. I like how you think ;)

  2. Hi Jaye!
    The Seinfeld book was lent to my son, and I just picked it up and havent given it back ;)
    I'm not really a fan of Oprah, but I like most of the episodes in her show.
    As for Martha, I really like her better now, but sometimes I get bored with the show.

  3. I'm glad you posted What Not to Crochet....I saw that somewhere before and now I saved it on my bloglines. They once had this full body bunny outfit for an adult that was hilarious!

  4. Hi Lucy! I really enjoyed that blog, I love the author's style and humor. Its rather odd that even if crochet is in fashion now, there's still a lot of designs that are out of place and some are even hideous.

  5. I'll have to check out Sein Language. I always thought Jerry Seinfeld was quite funny. I used to watch his show and still laugh about the Soup Nazi!

  6. I did Jane Fonda's Pregnancy Workout with my last two pregnancies (more with the middle one). :p I need to do something now, too. I'm getting older, and starting to feel it.


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