Friday, October 20, 2006

Crochet Update

I'm happy that I'm really into crochet designing now... I know its been a while since I first realized it. But the other day I was delighted to receive some new colors of threads from Coats Manila Bay :) I've been assigned to make some easy patterns using it.
Here are the two new colors (...I think they have a few more in the making) :

Birthday Greetings
I have a feeling that I missed a blog friend's birthday...I hope not. I have a bad memory, but I'm not going to use age as an excuse for that ;)
If anyone is celebrating a birthday, hope you let us know through your blog...

Here is the birthday girl I know:

Happy Birthday Mom!
Today is my mom's 70th birthday...oops, I dont know if she'd like people to know that. But I mentioned her age because it is a milestone. I've been thinking what I'm going to do when I reach that age, I googled some and here's some interesting notes I gathered:

What to do at age 70:
1. Stop complaining about your age and climb Mt. Everest like 70-year-old Yuichiro Miura, who became the oldest person to climb Mount Everest.
2. Ski across Canada like 70-yr-old Alex Nilsson (you might want to read the article, it has some training secrets in there)
3. Bike 20 miles a day like 70-yr-old Mary Drake Jackson
4. Compete in powerlifting like 70-yr-old Jeff Telljohn
5. Retire and enjoy life watching television, reading magazines and do some abstract painting like 71-yr-old Cheeta, hehe!
6. Get married like 70-yr-old Edna Townsend to someone 39 years younger. This article has their picture (...hahaha)
I cant decide yet, but I'm sure I wouldnt want to become a serial yarn thief like 70-yr.-old Audrey Yandel.
So mom, what have you decided to do?

That's good, keep on smiling!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom Mimi!!!She looks very beautiful !!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your mom-she looks fantastic!

    Congrats on the designing gig-you are so good, you're going to do well. I love the fun new colors they came out with-great for kids stuff and summery stuff.

  3. Happy Birthday to your mom!! May she have many more!!

  4. Your mom is so beautiful!!!
    Happy birthday to your mom and many more!

  5. Wow; your mom looks really good for 70! :0 I only hope I look that good. I'm already dying my hair, though. :( I'm going to be 37 this year.

  6. Thanks so much Pearlin, Deneen, Stacie, Chie and Tina! My Mom would be delighted to read your comments ;)
    Tina, I know your birthday is coming soon. And mine isnt so far away :) Hey, I'm nine years older than you, I hope I dont get too many white hairs because I cant dye my hair...

  7. Happy Birthday to your mom!! I want to be like Cheeta!

  8. Thanks Sue! I also want to be like Cheeta... Btw, my grandmother (my mom's mother) took up still life painting when she was in her 70's ;)

  9. Hi Mimi,
    Happy birthday to your mom. Sorry ngayon lang napagawi. Paki update nang link ko kasi na delete ko by accident, nag luko kasi yong blog at walang magawa, na bored kaya yong crochet blog ko pinag tripan :-(. Buti nalang na saved ko yong ibang post ko. Here's my new link

    Have a nice day Mimi and tc.

  10. Hi Beth,
    Mabuti naman at nakakadalaw ka sa blog ko, kahit nasa Canada ka... yung kapitbahay ko dito, nakalimot na...ewan lang kung bakit, naggaganchillo din naman siya. No time kasi magblog kaya siguro, di na-appreciate ang ginagawa ko.
    Have a nice day din at wag kang magsawa sa pagbisita =)

  11. Hi Mimi!
    I LOVE this post!!!
    Happy 70.Birthday to your mother!!!

  12. Thanks Vik!!!
    I'm really thinking about it...maybe I'm going to lift some weights for exercise and maybe I'd go hiking, that's the least I would do =)

  13. Hi Mi,
    Anong nangyari dun sa previous post mo nawala yata. 'Nways just passing by to see what's new and to say have a good weekend. Ciao!

  14. Hehe...tinago ko muna yun kase hinihintay ko pa ma-release ang patterns for sale ko. Thanks for passing by, Beth =)

  15. Happy Birthday to your mom. She is very beautiful and has a kind face. :D


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