Saturday, October 28, 2006

Crocheting like Mad!

I've been doing a lot of crocheting lately and this design I just created makes me crochet a lot faster. I'll tell you why, later... I cannot preview it, since it would give away the design, which I think is quite cute and surprisingly easy to do!!! Maybe I'm too eager and probably overrating it, but anyway I'm thrilled for now. I like my work!

Thanks for visiting and hope you come back often for more of my crochet stuff =)

Btw, I just saw a photo of my matrix purse here on Maggie's Crochet, and thought I would might want to order the crochet calendar ;)


  1. You must be in the design groove! Cool about being on Maggie's crochet.

  2. I suppose that's it, so I musnt stop now ;)

  3. Oh Mimi I´m so proud of you!!! 2007 will be a great year! ;)

    PS: Take care of your eyes, Mimi, don´t stay until too late crocheting with bad light, my friend...

  4. Thank you, my dear Vik! I cant wait to show you what I've been doing :D Yes, I will take care of my eyes. WE all must! we dont make people think that crocheting is bad ;)

  5. that is awesome ! congrats ! And yes , you have to take care , it's our responsibilty , or people would think crochet is bad for the eyes!


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