Thursday, January 04, 2007

2006 Crochet and Other Stuff (part 2)


• A few small projects done.

My halter design was finished and I started on my sack bag also for Coats.


• Finally bought a scanner/copier/printer , it was well worth it! I scanned and showed some old family pictures.
Chie's lil' bag

Made a baby set of my own design, halter adapted from a free pattern.


• Not much done, I had just finished drawing the diagrams for my four patterns submitted to Coats. I took a break from crocheting :p


• The 2007 Crochet Pattern a day Calendar was released, 5 of my patterns were included.

First time I got published in the U.S.!
• I received some new colors of Cannon threads and it inspired me to create some new purse designs (will be shown later, when it is printed).
• A preview of my two latest designs - a mesh shawl and a striped belt
for Design of the Month featuring Cannon multicolor threads.


• I got my other sister to model the shrug that I made for my Mom
, from my pattern design for Coats.
• I made up a coaster/mini doily pattern and it was accepted for the 2008 Crochet Calendar :D
Designed another scrunchie made from multicolor threads.
• Another free pattern, Stiped Keychain Purse, inspired by the new Cannon multicolor threads.
made the Filigree bookmark/bracelet designed by Cheri Mancini.

• Revived my old Christmas crochet decors
my halter featured in Coats calendar.


  1. You've had a great year, creative and colorful! Your designs show a range in style and skill, all very well done!!

  2. Wow Mimi. I didn't realize how many designs you have created until I saw them all here! You have done a lot!

    I actually was looking for a child/infant bucket type hat pattern for my SILs baby. To go with a sweater I made her. I totally forgot about your design! It would be perfect.

    Thanks for sharing your designs from 2006 with us. :)

  3. Thank you so much Pam and Tina!
    Pam, I hope 2007 will be more colorful and creative for all of us in crochet :D
    Tina, I hope I'll be able to see the modifications I did to Lisa's hat pattern (if you're referring to the orange hat);)

  4. What a wonderful year you have had! Keep up all of the good crafty work in 2007!

  5. Thank you, Kimberly! I hope I will be able to keep up the craftiness in crochet.

  6. Hi Mimi... I'm an avid crocheter too... i would like to take a look at your crochet calendar (the crochet-a-day) I was looking for that all over but I can't seem to find it anywhere...


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