Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2006 Crochet and Other Stuff Review

Highlights per month in 2006
(first half)


• scarves I made for my sister

(its been a year now since she went to the U.K. and I miss her so much...)

It was a colder January last year, so I was inspired to make a cap using acrylic yarn. I made a beret cap with brim and offered the free pattern on my blog
• Garnstudio designs offered their free patterns in English and most of us crocheters were thrilled. I compiled most of the links to the Garnstudio patterns.


I joined the crochet Olympics at crochetville and took the challenge to finish a garnstudio cardigan. It was a breakthrough for me, since I have not tried before to finish up (with a deadline) something as big as this. I was so inspired getting all the positive feedback for this project!
• Two flower doilies
, and a pineapple bookmark (from Japanese books) inspired by the romantic air of Valentines.


• A hobo bag and several cell phone purses became my obsession for this month.


• I started making crocheted letters (from a Japanese book ;)

• I made up my first design for Coats Manila Bay which is a bolero .
• A lovely belt from a free pattern offered by Mani di Fata, the Cintura con Fiorellini
• The popular fan bookmark by Crochetroo
• Came up with a lip balm holder free pattern.


• For this month, made the computer bugs by Kristie , and the crochet necklaces by Rachel

• Made the Mani di Fata inspired crochet earrings
and flower keychain


I learned the bullion stitch by making Kathy’s Bullion stitch pincushion.
• I had my very first printed pattern available nationwide, when my Loopy Flowers free pattern sheet came out, I really got excited over it!

Started on my first halter design.


  1. What great projects! I remember all of them. :)
    Wishing you a happy, crafty new year!!!

  2. I remember all of it, too, Mimi. I don't remember all of my stuff month by month. You must be a lot more organized than me. ;)

    I look forward to seeing what new designs you come up with in 2007. :)

  3. How terrific they all are too!

  4. Makes you realize how talented you are, Mimi, doesn't it. (in case you had any doubts!)


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