Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Surprises in the mail!

I got two wonderful packages from the Post Office yesterday!

Vik in Argentina sent me this for Christmas, I'm so happy I finally got it! (Probably got caught up with the tons of packages that got in the post office during the holidays...)

A sweet letter, a loving poem, a crocheted flower and bracelet (with cute illustration), and a skein of very lovely, precious silk yarn!

The other surprise is from my sister in London. She mailed me this two weeks ago:

Two skeins of lovely yarns, a cute card, and a hairbrush.
I cant do without a Denman brush, so I requested one from her. (My son said there are plenty of Denman brushes here in Rustan's store, but I told him I want it to be specially bought for me in the U.K.!)

I am so spoiled with these gifts. Thank you again Vik
and Sis


  1. You are being spoiled! ;) Doesn't it feel nice? All your things look so nice and from the heart. I can't wait to see what you create with that pretty yarn.

    I never use to use brushes but lately I have been.

  2. Yes, it feels really good!
    Btw, I'm still eagerly awaiting the crochet calendar, Tina. You might be wondering about it too. Let's just hope that it will finally find its way here ;)

  3. The silk yarn looks yummy. Never work with 100% silk before. You are lucky.

  4. I was just wondering about that yesterday (when you will get that calendar!) Maybe I can check at the post office and see if they can track it. (I'm going there today anyway.)

  5. How wonderful! You're a lucky gal.

  6. Lucky you! those are lovely gifts and I can't wait to see what u make with the gorgeous yarn.
    I've never had silk yarn yet, it must be so smooth !

  7. Nothing like some great packages to start off the new year!!! Good for you!

  8. Very, very, very glad. =p You deserve lots of goodies!

  9. You are more than welcome, Mimi! I`m so happy it finally arrived to Philippines after such long trip! I`m very glad you liked everything. It was difficult for me to chose yarn for you, since you sell Coats... that`s why I sent you the silk. To lily: Yes, it`s 100% pure silk, hand colored. I just wonder how will you use it, Mimi, it`s so soft that maybe you will mix it with another to hold it? or it will stay using a tighter stitch? Let`s see what your amazing hands do with it!


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