Friday, June 29, 2007

More on our crochet group...

As promised to Kristen (see previous post), here are some more pics I've taken of our group as they were working on her computer bug design. They were not able to finish it at home, so here they were in a hurry to finish up so they could submit it.

Later in the afternoon, here are some of the finished products:

Since it was late, everyone was in a hurry, so the bugs did not have time to pose for the pic ;)


  1. They all look terrific-Kristen has some cute patterns.

  2. Anonymous01 July, 2007

    Aw! Those are cute!

  3. Dear Mimi, you are doing a GREAT thing. And those bugs are adorable, like all handmade with love. Thumbs Up for YOU!

  4. Mimi , great going! Those are the cutest. Looks like it been fun.


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