Friday, August 10, 2007


Project Brave Kids
Interested to help or want to know more about the organization? They've launched their new website. They will soon link also to the Habing Buhay livelihood project site. There you will see the items that we have made and are offering for sale.

Coats update
Click on the above link (update on Mimi's Crochet Stuff) to see what's new as of July! I guess there isn't much to it, but at least I have updated the page :p Please view to see some photos you might have missed here on my blog ;)

Shrug update
After making 2 shrugs, I think I'll move on to other items :p
However, I have shown the shrug to our group and they liked it, and want to make it too. But I've yet to find some bigger hooks for them, since the 1.5mm they use for the coasters wont do. I use from 2mm to 3mm hook for garments.

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