Friday, August 17, 2007

What's on my hook and what just got off my hook...

Another rainy day, and fortunately or unfortunately, classes were cancelled again, now for the third day in a row. Our crochet group meeting was likewise cancelled for today.
I always am in the right mood to finish up some projects soon as the air gets cold, and most of all when staying at home is advised.
So what have I been hooking?
Depends on what size of hook ;)

On my 1.5 steel hook:
A set of star coasters about to be finished

Another set of glass cozies (need to make one more to finish the set)

A variation of the basic glass cozy pattern I made:

A new coaster design for christmas:

On my 2.5 aluminum hook:
My cotton top design which need to be revised (sorry this is taking too long...)

On my 4mm hook:
A square that I'm about to send off to someone putting an afghan together (sorry for the delay...)

Another lazy cat (pattern from Kristie's Kreations) which I needed to sew together to look like this one I finished before.

Lastly, but not included in the title...a very old project that I dug in my closet. This a pair of legwarmers made from yarn that doesn't have a label. Its acrylic and its a bit itchy. I liked the color though, but this was already faded from washing. I remembered this project upon seeing Pearlin's Wip, the yarn looks very similar...


  1. You are very busy lady. So many FO and I am not even finish one :(

  2. I had a pair of legwarmers when I was 12 or 13, I think... I wish I would have kept them. I do have an older pattern that Tampa doll sent me, though. I *could* make some more... :p

    Your little kitty is so cute! I just love Kristie's patterns, don't you?

    And all of your coasters look great!! I need to stay with one project so I can finish things, too.

  3. WOW!You've been one busy bee!All pretty stuff.
    The yarn I used for my now frogged Blanket is Bernat's Baby Coordinates.Yes they both look so similar!

  4. Very clever, Mimi! Love those cozies!

  5. The christmas coaster is really nice. I wonder if I could make something like that so intricately yet so colorful.


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