Wednesday, August 08, 2007

More rains...

More rains expected tomorrow and classes continue to be suspended for the second day. The typhoon that just passed was welcomed though, because of the water shortage and drought (read news). Now another typhoon is coming, but hopefully its not a strong one (more...).

Looks like I'll be staying at home the whole day...and of course, I'll be working on my crochet projects ;)
Here's one I just finished. Its a simple shrug - I wanted one for myself, but unfortunately this one turned out small.
Anyway...I already started on another one :p


  1. That's a really cute shrug you made!!! Love the color!
    I hope the typhoon won't be too bad as well... I get really scared when one is near us. :(

  2. Stay dry and safe!!!! Shrug is adorable!

  3. We haven't had any typhoons, but we had a huge thunderstorm the other night and our power went out too. (It came back on an hour or so later). I hope you don't get any damage from the typhoon-- Good idea to stay inside and crochet!

    The shrug looks cute. I haven't submitted anything to the calendar in a long time (only last year, I think...) Maybe they would want my 'Scrap Coffee Can Cozy'? :p

  4. I'm glad you are ok. You look great in your shrug :)


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