Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Know all about the postal service

For those of you in the U.S., do you know all about your postal service?
Do you know the different ways of sending mails/packages and the corresponding rates?...not only in U.S. but overseas - you should know if you're using it, and I think that one can save some money by knowing all there is to know about the postal service. I looked at the U.S.P.S. website and how I wish we also have the same features/services here. You can even calculate the postage by entering the details online (you need a scale to weight your mail/package) Also, do you know that there are free supplies that you can order?... well, I hope we have those too. Btw, I love the U.S. stamps, they are much more colorful and have more interesting designs...have you seen the Holiday Knit stamps?

Anyways, I ought to be pleased too with our own postal service here. It has proven to be dependable in the past two years that I have sent and received packages from abroad. I would especially like to thank the Quezon City Central Post Office personnel for doing a good job. And look, PhilPost has a website too:

I was thrilled to see the new website and all the info that could be found there.


  1. Indeed, USPS website is so helpful, you can also use that if the address you're going to send to is valid or not and I just love the variety of stamps they have and how often they change it. Though Philpost website is helpful enough in terms of rates. I just wish that they post a valid custom tax computation to avoid confusion and to prevent some personnels in taking advantage of the fact that we have no idea how to compute custom tax.

  2. I think you can email or call them to air your complaint and also to give suggestions. Maybe you can state the specific example in your area.
    As for me, I don't have any complaint yet, nor have I seen or heard anyone paying customs tax (except the standard P35. inspection fee) for packages that they claim at the P.O.

  3. I got a booklet on sending packages, and tried to read through it.... (sigh). I just got more confused. I am an asking questions type of person, I guess... I do like all the different stamps we have here. Can you use our stamps, too? Or no? I didn't think you could.. I saw those knitstamps @ Crochetville (MaryJo had posted about them). I haven't seen them in the post office though, lately. I will be going up there soon again so I will have to ask. :P

  4. You are lucky, Tina, you can order any of the stamps and other supplies online at the USPS website.

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  6. I have never tried to order any stamps online. I just do it the 'old fashioned' way, go into the post office. :P


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