Thursday, February 07, 2008

You make my day !

I'm here again. Took a while since my last post, and I haven't worked much on my crochet projects either :p
I've also been away from the internet for a week...been in the hospital for 6 days! My younger son got infected with the Dengue virus,(a potentially deadly disease transmitted by a mosquito). He's safe now but still recovering.

Back to blogging...
I've procrastinated this post for a while already. I have to thank some of my crochet and blogging buddies: Cathy, Christina, Deneen, Lesa, Riohnna for this award:

Now, to pass it on. Please bear with I mention everyone who really made my day several times when I read their blogs, their comments or their emails.

My older buddies...much younger than me ;) but I've known them since I was a newbie online. These are multi-talented ladies who can crochet and knit equally well. They also keep blogging in spite of their busy schedules:
Kimberly, Tina, Vik

The designers and pros - I've learned a lot from their blogs, from reading their adventures in life and crafting.
Rachel, Cathy, Chie, Deneen, Lily, Pam, Stacie, Shelle

Some more talented crochet buddies, who can also design, knit or sew if they wanted to; always have lovely projects and interesting stories to share on their blogs :
Ashley, Christina, Jaye, Kelly, Lesa, Lucy, Pearlin, Riohnna,
Sheila, Su, Sue, Ulla, Yasmin

And, my local crochet buddies, who I actually meet or will meet in the near future:
Aby, Beth, Fe, Gene, Jackie and Jenny (of Coats Manila Bay), Jeng, Jinky, Ria, Sigrid and the Habing Buhay crocheters, Tok

Thanks all for making my day!


  1. I was wondering how you have been doing..., but this I didn't expect. I'm so sorry to hear about what you and your son are going through.
    I am in afraid of mosquitoes in summer time here too. Wishing your son a quick recovery.

    Thank you so much for the award! :) I've learned so much from you too, and I always look forward to your new designs!

  2. Mimi~ you make my day! I always look forward to what you have been making, too. Thank you for the award. :D

    I am so sorry your son has been sick! I am so paranoid about mosquitos. When we lived in Michigan, we had tons of them in the summer. I hope he will have a full recovery.

  3. Yes, it was unexpected Chie. Though there have been some Dengue cases in their school, and one fatality last Oct., I think it is but a small percentage. How I wish I was the one sick...its so hard to take care of your own child and also be worried the whole time.

    I really wasn't that fearful of mosquitoes, Tina. Not in our home...though I can't be sure its safe here. But I suspect that he got it from school or from the place they visited on their field trip, 5 days before he got the high fever.

  4. I hope your son is feeling better. Thanks for the award. Right back atcha!

  5. Oh dear! That infections sounds most alarming! I'm glad your son is safely recovering.

    And thank you so much for the shout out but it is you that makes my day with your lovely designs, creations and charity work. :o)

  6. Aww Mimi, thank you very much! YOU make my day too!

  7. You deserve the award, thanks for it back at me. Hope your son is better:)

  8. Thanks for the award Mimi *hugs*

    I hope that all is well now with your son! What a scary thing!

  9. Thanks for the award Mimi.

    In here also Dengue season. I am so worried everytime Lauri got mosquito bite. Even she moves all the time, somehow the mosquito manage to bite her (and not me who sit still crocheting)

    Hope your son get well soon.

  10. hi mimi.. sorry to hear about your son. but i hope he is well by now.

    you too make my day mimi, just a quick browse on your blog makes my day. mwah!

  11. Oh my, I'm just catching up here, I hope your son is OK, stay strong.

  12. I totally forgot to add..Thanks for the shout-out! YOU make my day too! We are friends across the world.

  13. Hey Mimi! I hope and pray that your son has a speedy recovery. Although we don't have the dengue cases out here but back home it's quite common. It scares the hell out of me as I once lost a teenage cousin to it. But the others have been lucky :)
    Thanks so much for the award. You make my day anyday!! I told you you are an inspiration to me.

  14. Mimi,
    So sorry to hear about your son and the scary time you've had, I'll be praying for you and your son. Thanks for the award as well.

  15. Hi Mimi! I love your designs! You're very talented. See you on Ravelry!
    Shelle Cain Crochet Cabin

  16. Thank you Shelle! So nice to hear from you...I will add you to my list of favorites ;)


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