Saturday, February 09, 2008

Just Posting...

Thanks for all the get-well wishes for my son. This morning when he woke up, he looked so much better than he did the past two days.
Btw, while we were in the hospital, our photographer took a shot of the view from our window on the 9th floor. It was late in the afternoon, so it seemed gloomy. This is in Pasig City, about one hour drive from our home in Quezon City.

The nice view and the Starbucks at the ground floor, helped keep me sane for five whole days of confinement :p I did bring some crochet WIP, but didn't work on it much. One of the nurses admired what I was doing and we talked a little. She was the only one I can remember, since the nurses assigned to us kept changing every 12 hrs., and all they did was check the boy's temp., blood pressure and pulse, and replace the dextrose.

Back home I have a couple of FOs, but no new pic...I finished another one of the brown shrug I had posted a few weeks ago - same size, same color. I submitted it to our livelihood project as one of several shrug designs they're going to make and sell. I also made an 8-inch square from a free pattern I saw on Ravelry, but I forgot to take a picture of it :p We plan to use the square to make a bedspread - a bit ambitious at this time, since we only have a few good crocheters and lots of projects in mind :p

And here's a short clip of birds singing that I took early morning the other day. The tall trees are right outside our fence.


  1. Oh my Mimi, I am behind in my blog reading and just seeing the post about your son-thoughts are with you and he and I am glad he is doing well.

  2. Thanks Deneen. I posted about it when it was already safe, but I did get scared!

  3. There's a Starbucks there? They are everywhere! The birds were really singing up a storm that morning. Are those roosters crowing in the background?

  4. I thought I heard roosters, too. :p And wow, Starbucks ARE everyhwere. We have one on every block here. I am glad your son is home now and hopefully getting to where he is fully recovered. I read online about Dengue virus, that is scary! We don't have mosquitos here, because it is so dry, I think. But back where I grew up they were everywhere. I feel like I already said this (sorry if I did). The birds sound awesome. I loved hearing that. :D

  5. Hi Sue and Tina!
    Yeah, Starbucks seems to be everywhere one goes nowadays. I'm not exactly a fan of their products, but I love their chicken and tuna sandwiches ;)
    The roosters of our neighbor used to be right at the back of our fence and they are very loud. But now there are probably only a few left, and are farther from our house.


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