Sunday, May 04, 2008

Another goal in Crochet

There is one more thing that I've long wanted to do: to make projects from all the yarns/threads that I've received from gifts, swaps and online purchases. But most of all, from the gifts I got from my dear crochet friends, (you all know who you are) and from my dear sister. One of these days I'll take them all out from hiding, sort them and feel them. And maybe one by one they'll speak to me and tell me what they ought to be ;)


  1. I am with you on that goal! While sorting my yarn the other day (it had finally taken over the apartment and needed some organisation) I decided that I needed to do the same and start using the yarn that I have received...but like you I have NO idea what any of it wants to be made into! Good luck figuring out yours!

  2. Hearing from you, Kimberly, makes me more motivated to do it ;)


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