Monday, May 05, 2008

Come belly dance with me :)

What could be a better activity to balance our crocheting or knitting? I could not think of any that would be as enjoyable and beneficial as belly dancing. Yes, ladies this is it! This is the right exercise, and I'm in. If you want to join the fun, go over my new blog, and you will see. I will try to convince you. Also, watch the video on the first post and I bet you will want to dance!


  1. Mimi, I have been thinking of that for a while now and was just thinking of finding sources so I can teach myself.

  2. I would need plastic surgery just to put one of those costumes on! :0 It does look like fun, though. Maybe I could just do it for fun. :P

  3. Hi Pearlin! I have just found out that there are a lot of online material for us to be able to learn belly dancing at home. I will be putting it together in my new blog ;)

    Hi Tina! That is the first misconception...I also used to think that costuming is necessary, but it isn't. That will be the topic of my next post.
    Certainly you can do it just for fun. As for me, I have thought about trying it for a long time, but only now did something about it - and I realized how much fun I had missed!

  4. Hmmm. It looks like fun. I'd have to learn at home though, too shy. :-)

  5. Hi Zuleika! I will try to make my belly dancing blog so helpful and informative without the fancy stuff and ads I see in some websites and blogs ;)

  6. Dear Mimi my friend!
    You made my day with your new blog! Congratulations for the idea! It´s so funny! Please feel free to delete my comments there -cause I wrote them after trying the exercises!
    I´ll keep in touch!

  7. Hi dear Vik!
    I am so thrilled that you tried the belly dancing moves! I did want it to be fun and practical to do. What could be easier than just learning from free instructions.
    Be careful,its addicting...and if you get sore muscles, don't blame me ;)

  8. Hi Mimi,
    Congrats with your new Blog. It seems that you are having fun with it and you also got the benefit of the exercise. I will definately will try it after the delivery to get my shape back.

  9. Hi Lily! I think you will not have problem getting back in shape...but a little dancing is good ;) I hope you see the video of the 5 yr-old belly cute!


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