Thursday, May 22, 2008

New photos of some old projects

I was looking for some zippers in my old plastic drawer, when I saw some old crochet projects. I have totally forgotten that I had these...

The heart is a valentine coaster. The tissue pouch is a plain one I just made up, and it wasn't really that good since I had to squeeze in the tissue on the small opening :p

The swatch is actually an attempt to make this cellphone case pattern from DMC.
The coaster is made from scrap rug yarn, and I just found out that it makes a good tawashi.

Some little purses I made incorporating beads into crochet... Pattern for the white cotton one came Crochet Fantasy magazine. I made up the pink one... yarn is acrylic and a bit scratchy.

This is supposed to be a squirrel...I most probably got the pattern from Crochet World magazine. Made of cotton thread, and with so many parts to put together... I was crazy enough to make one :p


  1. That's neat finding things you've made, and/or forgotten about. Tawashi is a dish scrubby, isn't it? It looks like it would work well for that. I have a similar pattern in thread for the heart. My Aunt used to make them and stiffen them then hang a crystal in the middle. Glue some ribbon loop on the top; and hang it from a hook on the window, by the ribbon.

  2. Hi Tina! Yup the tawashi is a dish scrubber, it became so popular in crochet, with all those cute japanese designs ;)
    I really didn't know why I was making most of the projects I did before...I guess it was all for practice and actually came out for want of anything better to do...

  3. Anonymous28 May, 2008

    I've had that dmc phone case for years! I've been meaning to make it, but just never got around to it. :-) The squirrel is cute. :-)

  4. The beads purses remind me of the purses my sis made....they look exactly the same !!


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