Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chic cell phone purses

I love making cell phone I came up with another design of my own ;)
Here I used 3 different shades of cotton thread, but one is actually the other two colors combined for a tweed effect. Crocheted with two strands of thread held together, or may be substituted with one strand of DK weight yarn such as Catania. (See project below)

Pattern is available for purchase, here.
The pattern includes options for crocheting a necklace strap, a loop for the metal attachment, or a handle. It also has instructions for optional button closure and crocheted button cover.

My project using Catania yarn.
I used dark brown as color A, and beige as color B. For the tweed effect on the flap, I separated the strands of about 4 meters each color of the 4-ply Catania. Then I crocheted the flap using two ply of each color.


  1. Anonymous28 June, 2008

    wow Mimi what a beautiful case.I love it.

  2. Mimi you have the best ideas. These are even cuter than the last one you did, which was adorable! Great work and thank you for sharing it! ;) I love the colors you used.

  3. Lovely cell phone cases. I love these cuties.

  4. Gorgeous designs!!

  5. Anonymous03 July, 2008

    They are really cute! Great design Mimi. :-)

  6. Very pretty, Mimi!

  7. Combinations of solid and varigated yarn and a very nice form.

    Have a nice time


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