Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crochet WIP update

My ravelympics bag is nowhere near the finish line yet...but I haven't given up, and I've been cheering for myself :p
Just yesterday, I changed my course and decided to work up a different look for my stylish bag. If it works out I'd name it stylish hobo bag - since I derived it from the stylish sack. Its a little smaller than most hobos, but it will carry more than just essentials.
Hmm...this doesn't seem to look good, but I have a few ideas in mind that might make it interesting...

Now, for the Nizza tunic progress was slow. But work will probably be faster when I finish the motif rows. So far, here's 3 motif rows done:

Each row has 15 motifs, and the 4th row will be half motifs. It measures 40" around, a little big for me...

(Btw, the baby photo came from one of those forwarded emails. Just thought I'd use it, and if anyone objects let me know...)


  1. I know just how that baby feels. :P What you have is looking good. The bag looks like it's getting close to being done. :)

  2. That looks good to me, :) You can do it Mimi

  3. Keep it'll finish eventually!

  4. The bag coming along great. I am cheering you on from the sideline.:)

  5. lol The baby photo is funny! What a cutie-pie! :-)

    You still have some time to finish and I'm cheering you on!! Go Mimi!! :-)

  6. Thank you very much, ladies! I'm almost done, except for the closure ;)


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