Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cute Tawashi crochet patterns

I now have 3 tawashi/scrubbie designs!
I simply named it cute tawashi designs...thanks to a good deal of inspiration and help from Chie. You can see her tawashi projects here.

Before I show all three, look here what I did with the Handy Tawashi pattern - I made some Handy coasters ;)

And now here are my 3 tawashi designs:

Flower Scrubbie

Handy Tawashi

Foot Scrubbie :)

I made some using carpet yarn, it works well for dishwashing, esp. the flower scrubbie. I use the hand scrubbie to buff my nails to make it shiny ;)
Btw, the coasters were made with regular worsted weight yarn, crocheted with two strands held together.

The pattern is also available in my Ravelry store.


  1. That gave me a laugh! I never expected a foot scrubbie though the hand scrubbie is really really cute and in perfect usage. Well, you could use the foot scrubbie to polish the tiles. :D

  2. That is right Gene :D
    I did mention on Ravelry that I wouldn't think of scrubbing my dishes with a foot ;)

  3. I am totally love the flower scrubbies so cute. Great job on all your latest projects as always Mimi :)

  4. wow, those are mega-cute!

  5. Oh my goodness they are all SO cute! I love the foot scrubby, even. You could use it for a foot buffer like if you wanted to send a foot care package/bath package to someone? I love all the bright colors- you did such a good job, Mimi!

  6. That's right, Tina, you really could use it to for a foot spa package. It depends on the yarn you use - the carpet yarn I used is good for scrubbing (I did try it on my feet ;)
    Thanks for the compliments, Tina!

  7. love the hand coasters...adorable!

  8. Congratulations dear Mimi, you´re a famous designer already! Your crochet ideas and patterns are great! I´m proud of you, my friend!

  9. Hi Lucy and Vik, thanks so much!
    I do wish I am famous already ;)

  10. Hi Lesa and Lacheke!

    Thanks all for your wonderful comments :D


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