Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some Progress...

On my crochet WIPs:
My sack bag is about 20% done, I am calculating how slow I've been working on it...and seems I won't be able to finish it as a Ravelympic project, but I'll try.

I seem to be more inclined to work on the Nizza tunic. I've already laboriously frogged the old bag project, since I have set my mind to make the tunic in brown.

I would surely run out of thread - probably need a total of about 6 balls...but I could easily order some more ;)
I finished rnd 1 or the first round of motifs (15 motifs joined in a circle). The motif only has 3 rounds, so its very easy to memorize. After making the first motif, make the succeeding motifs same way, except connect it to the previous motif.

For those of you who want to try making a wearable, or working with thread for the first time, this isn't as hard as you may think. Except maybe for the sewing of the sleeves - which you have to be brave enough to try.
So, if anyone want to crochet along with me let me know...


  1. I would love to work on this along with you!! I haven't started it yet, mainly because I find her instructions a bit confusing! Maybe I'll break out the yarn this afternoon!

  2. You doing great so far wishing you good luck. I have a shrug in mind that I would like to crochet with thread one day, just one day lol haven't yet to have they time. Good luck :)

  3. I would crochet along with you but I have so many other things going already. :( I will keep up with your progress though, and wish you the best with it! I already love the color you are doing it in.

  4. Thank you Theresa, Lesa and Tina!

    Theresa, I would be glad if you could crochet along with me ;)
    I don't find the pattern confusing...however, I found an error in the st count for the motif. I followed the diagram and from there, I know I won't get lost in the pattern.

  5. Very pretty motifs. :-) The tunic will look great in brown.
    I'm hoping I'll be able to make the olympic deadline myself. *fingers crossed*

  6. Hi Zu! I like the tunic in its original white color, but I never looked good in white...
    I hope I can finish my brown tunic before Christmas season :D

  7. Looking forward to your tunic.

  8. I can't wait to see your tunic finish. It's a pretty pattern.


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