Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some small projects

I'd like to show here my recent projects just to take a break from the one project I should be finishing, which is this bag:

It is sitting on my lap and I just stare at it, not wanting to pick up the hook and continue. It's a Japanese design, and I chose it because it's unique and challenging. But somehow, the material I'm using (which is 3 strands of thread combined) makes the project not enjoyable. Its a bit hard on the hands and the slow motion gets a bit boring.

My mind wandered off...I went through my yarn stash and picked the DMC Cebelia thread size 10 - a nice blue color. I thought to make my mom a set of glass cozies and coasters. I finished these, so far:

Also, a few days ago Gene sent me a pattern for a bracelet she designed. I chose to use DMC Cebelia in red. I love working with it, to make small projects especially crochet jewelry.

Lastly, this is the first time I got so inclined to make slippers. I hadn't thought about making one until a friend wanted one to use for her pilates class. Still I was too lazy to look for patterns, until Tina sent me some links. I studied some patterns, and then made up my own using cotton threads (two strands). I'm still learning how to make the right average sizes for it. So far, I had some success making a size 7 for me ;)
I'm now working on a size 5 1/2.


  1. Oh, there's my pattern! Thanks again for helping with the corrections. :)

    Those slippers are cute! I really want to make one for myself but it might be too slippery for me, not safe for my current condition. Maybe when we moved to a new place, so that I won't ha$ve that much trouble sweeping the floor, haha!

  2. Hi Gene! I found out that cotton thread slippers aren't slippery. But of course I won't recommend it for you at this time :p But let me know if you want to try it. Hopefully I'll be able to come up with more sizes and designs...

  3. Slippers! Yummy!!! I like these, classic and they fit really well on you.

    I made myself some prototype knitted "ballet" slippers using Red Heart acrylic... later I also tried doubled strands of Monaco, but they're still too soft and floppy. Maybe I should try 3 strands and knit at a tighter gauge... It will probably cramp my fingers, but I'm curious.

    I found some cheap rubber matting in the hardware store and was planning to sew it to the bottom of the slippers for traction. It's the kind you put on your car dashboard and stick your keys and cellphone on. Still haven't gotten around to it, though.

  4. Hi Mona!
    I think for this style of slippers, crochet is much better...and knitted is perfect for socks ;)
    I was going to look for that cheap rubber matting, is that available in any hardware store?

  5. The slippers turned out great, Mimi! I know how it is to not work on a project... (sigh)... that's why I have so many UFO's.

    The glass cozy and coasters look nice, your mom will surely love them. I like the red bracelet, too. Small, instant gratification projects are better for me, too. :P

  6. I LOVE the slippers, they are perfect! And I adore the bracelet!

  7. Cant wait to see how the bag turns out. Loving those slippers so cute and looks comfy. Great job on all your projects as always.:)

  8. I like everything! Specially the cool bracelet and the comfortable slippers!

  9. I absolutely love that bracelet!

  10. The little rubber mat is smooth on one side and has traction on the other side. It's Chinese, and sells for P19 a mat at Pioneer Center Supermarket, in the houseware section. Or it might be available at tiangge stalls where they sell cheap hardware.

    I think if you cut one whole bottom it's one mat to a slipper. I think you could sew it on, which means having to use a punching awl (the pambutas ng leather for shoelaces?) or some piercing tool.

    Another idea would be the rubber insole you buy inside SM department store, but it doesn't have that traction surface for gripping the floor.

  11. I really like that bracelet!!!


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