Saturday, October 04, 2008

Old bags, new bags

I couldn't count anymore how many crochet bags I've made so far. A few have been sold, and many have been gifted. I have several in my closet and other hiding places, some of which I can't recall...But thanks to Ravelry, I am able to organize my bag projects now - at least virtually. The inspiration came when I saw that the current featured Ravelers were those who have the most bag projects that are linked to patterns found in the Ravelry database. At first I thought, I do have a lot of bag projects, but some of the patterns aren't on Ravelry yet and some I haven't found time to link to. Then again, I saw it as a challenge ;) So recently, I linked to patterns and I also added a couple of patterns to the database.

You might want to take a look at my bag projects on Ravelry.
But wait, here are the bags I recently finished.
These are all just small bags, but I have lined it all and I added magnetic snaps on the one without the drawstring.
All these bags are linked to the patterns:

Wrist Purse

Vertical-striped bag

Mini Fat-bottom bag


  1. I really like the mini fat bottomed bag! The wrist bags are great too.

  2. I agree with Christina! I really love that design, too bad I can't get a copy of the book locally. :(

    How come the recent shoulder bag is not included in your collection?

  3. OH! I LOVE the mini fat bottom bag!

  4. Thanks Christina, Gene and Riohnna!
    The mini fat bottom bag is now my favorite :) In case you missed it, its a free pattern from a japanese site...just follow the link.

    Gene, I think the bag you have in mind is the Yogini bag - its not mine. Its one of the designs featured in the CLF book.
    It would be hard (too expensive) to get a copy from U.S., but if I can have my sister buy me one, then I'll have two copies. My contributor copy, and an extra copy to show-off ;)

  5. Loving all your bags great job. The fat bottom real cute.:)

  6. I like the mini fat bottomed bag. I still have not made a fat bottom bag. Very cute! (I am making a bag right now, too~~ It's just not a 'girl' bag..) ;)

  7. Love the bags! The mini fat bottom is realy cute. :-)

  8. Hi Lesa, Tina and Zu...thanks for stopping by!
    I'm planning to make more mini fat-bottoms as Christmas gifts for my 20-something nieces. I'm sure they'll like it in pink or blue.

  9. Love all the have a real talent!

  10. Olá amiga!!! Adorei seu blog!!! Parabens pelos lindos trabalhos.
    Bom fds

    Kátia Missau

  11. I like that mini fat-bottom bag too! Its very nice and well-made! =) Cuen


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