Monday, April 27, 2009

Crochet a Souvenir

For her baby's Christening, my niece requested me to make the souvenirs. (I was just waiting for her to ask - didn't want to assume that they would like my handmade souvenirs...) I wanted to design something new, but I didn't have that much time since I had to make around 40 pcs. so I chose my old design, flower frame souvenir. I made a different edging that looked like rounded petals. I also crocheted the tie instead of using satin ribbon.

Here are the steps in making the souvenir:
1. Crochet the base using green thread

2. Crochet the edging using pink thread (pardon my blurry photos...)

3. Crochet the tie using yellow thread

4. Finish off the ends and weave in the tie around the frame

5. Cut the photo and cardboard to fit the base

6. Insert the cardboard and photo and attach keychain or magnet

I made some into fridgies, since I had some spare magnets. Then the rest I made into keychains...

I didn't realize how making 30+ of these little souvenirs would be so tedious! Also, I had to come up with a neat packaging to add to the creativity and personalized look ;)
Here's the design of the box:

I got the box shape from here. Since I don't know how to design it on the computer, I just cut out the box pattern, and made a layout from the photo and text elements that I printed separately. Then I just scanned/copied it several times (2 boxes per board sheet).


  1. Great job and yes, a lot of work. Your niece is lucky to have such a loving aunt.

  2. They are adorable Mimi!

  3. those are both great as a magnet and as a keychain.

    hmnn, maybe i should try a magnet for una's 1st birthday.

  4. Beautiful! (lot of work...)

  5. Those are wonderful!!!!!! You are so talented!

  6. What an amazing job! You are so very talented and creative!!!

  7. Thanks everyone for your inspiring comments!!!

  8. I must be in LaLa land, how did I miss this post? The souveniours are SO cute! That would be a nice gift for a Grandma or an Aunt. They are adorable. (So is that baby.) You're so talented!

  9. You are always full of ideas. I admire your patient to make 30+ pcs of this thing.


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