Saturday, April 04, 2009

Organizing Ravelry projects and update on Lacey crochet shrug...

Its almost ready - just needed to make sure everything is right.
I modeled it this morning and can't wait to show how it looked on me. So here's another sneak peek...

...I am liking the pencil sketch better than the real picture :p

Btw, if you haven't noticed yet, Ravelry has some cool features for organizing your projects. Just click on the organize tab (next to the all projects tab) on your projects page, and you can group your projects and easily tag each one. Ravelry just keeps getting better :)


  1. Looks very nice! Can't wait to see the real picture!

  2. I love how the shrug looks on you. Now a real picture would be perfect!
    Have to go check out the new features in Ravelry

  3. Who´s the artist who draw the pencil sketch?
    Thank you for the Ravelry tip! I´ll check it out.
    I´m sorry it´s been that long without visiting you here, dear Mimi! I send you a big HUG and I congratulate you because you don´t neglect your blog - like me these past months...!

  4. Thank you so much Bheng, Christina, Pearlin and Vik!
    That's still the same picture Vik, I just edited it with one click on the photo effects ;)

  5. Wow, it looks nice! What color is it? Very stylish. I am going to have to check out the organize tab at Ravelry. Great work, Mimi. :)

  6. Thanks Tina! I left the color out so you'll look for it in my next post ;)

  7. Shrug looks cute from what I can see. :-)

    I didn't know ravelry did that. *rushes to check*


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