Sunday, November 29, 2009

Taking it to the next level...

I mean my crochet hobby...
I've been blogging and writing my own crochet patterns a few years already. I may have taken it too slow, but I think now's the time to take my hobby to the next level :)

Blogging - The question is, to subscribe to blog ads or not. I've had this blog for 4 years already...but started to monetize just this year. I didn't do it earlier, because I didn't know how, or if, I will actually get paid :p
Now its all up and running - I might get my first payment in January next year :)

Crochet Designing - I had been wondering for so long what would happen if I submit a design to a magazine publisher? probably won't use up a lot of time and effort, if its just one design.
I think its worth taking a risk for now - hope I do make it ;)


  1. It's quite amazing to me that you haven't tried making money out of a blog for so long -- most people decide to blog to do just that. You don't even have to do promos/giveaways (though they won't hurt) because your site gets decent traffic already.

    About designing... Go for it! Although I don't think you'd get much attention if you do it locally. I mean we don't exactly have a popular craft magazine (do we?? Maybe I just don't know about it).

  2. Hi Claire! Lets just say I'm more focused on the subject of this blog, and not really keen on making money. But I'm so glad there is a way to earn extra income, considering that I've been using all the resources I need on the internet, for free!
    I haven't seen any local craft magazine, I hope we do have it. For now, I'll try my luck on a popular U.S. crochet magazine ;)

  3. I haven't tried to make money from my blog either. Good luck and I hope it turns out well for you!

    Good luck with the magazine too!

  4. Thanks Christina!
    Try setting up the ads, it won't take much of your time...and you might earn some money too ;)

  5. Good luck with your pattern submission, let me know if your design is accepted. I didn't earn much with my google adsense. I guess because I don't have a lot of traffic.

  6. Thanks, Lily!
    I think for a crafty blog, you can increase traffic by offering free patterns and by posting more about the craft - like how-to's and other tips, and posting more FOs.


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