Saturday, May 15, 2010

My 5th blogiversary!

May 17, 2010 marks my 5 years of blogging... I can't believe its been that long!
So much has happened all around, but as you can see my blog looks pretty much the same... I guess I myself haven't changed much, except grew older like everyone else :p
Anyways, if you're still here, thanks so much! 
I have a good number of visitors everyday, though I only know a few special people who read my blog.
I've met some of you online ever since I was new on the internet ;)

I'll take this opportunity to acknowledge the following people who motivated and inspired me to keep this blog and my crochet happenings alive for the past five years:

Crochet Pattern Central - owned by Rachel Geller, a directory for free crochet patterns found on the web
Crochetville - a neat crochet forum (no glaring ads back then) where I first discovered a crochet community on the internet ;)
Coats Manila Bay, Inc. - esp. to Yumi Aromin and Jackie Reyes, for providing materials and resources and for publishing my designs
Ravelry - the best website ever! crochet/knitting fantasy place.
Etsy - best online shop for handmade creations straight from the artists.

To my youngest sister (who's taller and mightier than me), for inspiring me and for modeling some of my creations (and for actually wearing them)!

To my crochet buddies abroad whom I've had the good fortune to know and interact with despite the distance. I have been the recipient of their warm wishes, support and even crafty gifts and special yarns :)


Pearlin J - Knottyville

                                                       To my local crocheting buddies for patiently working on my designs 
                                                                             Bheng - All Stitch Bright and Beautiful  

                                                                                              Claire - The Artful Hooker  

                                                                                             Tin - Stannum Reloaded  


To Fatima Lasay (korakora), for sharing crochet ideas, techniques and inspiration.

To the members of Crochet in the Philippines on Ravelry, thanks all for joining the group!

To many more friends I met online...those whose blogs I follow, those who sent me gifts, those whom I swapped crochet items and yarns;

To all my blog followers, readers and visitors, especially those who take the time to leave comments;

To all those who tested my patterns and given me added inspiration and ideas;

To all those who bought my patterns, used my designs, sent me feedback;

Thank you all!!!


  1. Dear Mimi,
    congratulations as you celebrate your blog's 5th anniversary.
    I have been following your blog for some time as your blog have been very inspiring ,beautiful and I can learn lot new things too.
    thankyou for all the lovely paqtterns that you share.
    have a good day.
    please do visit me somtime.

  2. Happy Blogiversary, dear Mimi!
    I can´t believe it´s been 5 years already!
    How many things happened inbetween, since the old Crochetville days! You are certainly a talented designer, original and chic, and more than that a great person who I am so glad to know!
    Hugs from Buenos Aires, Argentina!

  3. Happy 5th, Mimi! Thank you also for being so generous with your help and patterns. It's an honor to be counted as your crochet buddy. God bless you always.


  4. Congratulations! Happy 5th Anniversary and I hope many more!

  5. Congratulations Mimi!!I love your designs..Thanks for sharing them..And seeing that your blog is 5 years old is very inspiring for a beginning blogger like me..

  6. Hearty Congrats Mimi, I have learnt so much from you. I'm so honored to be counted on your list of friends.
    Wish you many more blogiversaries.

  7. congrats ate mimi ! I love your designs and thank you for sharing them :) I have learned a lot from you :) mwah more power to your blog!

  8. Congratulations! Best wishes and many more years of blogging!

  9. Wow, Mimi! Happy Blogiversary! You are doing so much with your blog. I hope you continue to be successful with your pattern sales. :D

  10. Belated Happy Blogiversary! You've been blogging longer than I've been living abroad. And yes, I may be taller but you're a lot stronger than you think! Much love from London =)

  11. Congratulations, Mimi!!! :)
    Wishing you many more years of beautiful crochet designs!

  12. Congrats, Mimi. Sorry that I could not congratulate you sooner, because I was in China. And they ban blogger, FB and youtube there :)

  13. Happy Blogiversary and a Huge Congratulations on completing 5 years. sorry about wishing you sio late - internet , blogger issues.
    You have always been my inspiration and I have learn't a lot from you. Thank you. I love your blog the way it is ...just like you sweet, simple and very helpful.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely patterns so generously and also for being so helpful with your guidance at various times.
    Wishing you all the best and hoping to see many more blogiversaries for you.


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