Saturday, August 28, 2010

Crochet possibilities...

With so many design possibilities in crochet, isn't it so difficult to decide which to choose? Sometimes I can only begin to realize what I want after having tried a pattern stitch on the garment. Its not the same as doing a swatch as you don't see the way it drapes or how it looks combined with the other design elements. And so it is with this knit and crochet tunic project - its now taking up a lot more time than I planned. But I don't want to just finish it up and not be happy with the result. The lace pattern from the Pierrot tunic turned out too lacy combined with the knitted top. Besides it didn't feel smooth and was a bit scratchy. Halfway through the skirt's length (pic below) I frogged it!

I think plain dc stitches would look and feel much better. I thought I was doing well and have done about 10 rounds (pic below), until - I looked at the back of the stitches. It looked nicer on the wrong side than the right side! So I frogged again and reversed the dc stitches :p 

Now I'm really liking it and can't wait to finish. Haven't decided though on how to finish the edge :p


  1. That's a lot of knitting stitches Mimi! I can't imagine having that kind of patience to finish that big of a project not to mention the repeats you have to go through after frogging the stitches. At least frogging with crochet is easier than frogging knitted stitches.

  2. Yup, and its much easier to change your mind in crochet ;)

  3. I´m convinced: crochet is like life, always trying again!


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