Saturday, September 04, 2010

Gifted Crochet Projects

A couple of recent photos of me and some friends, thought I would share...

Here are two of my longtime friends who visited me at home last May 1. We rarely see each other since they've been busy with work and family and live quite far from me.
In this photo, we were just having fun with my crochet work and modeling it. I wasn't able to take modeled pictures of my gifts to them. I gave to Wilma the pink romantic shrug, and to Lilian the burgundy shawl.

Another recent meet-up was with a high school classmate vacationing from California. We haven't seen her in  33 years...It was difficult to set a date for most of us previous classmates here to have a mini-reunion. So it turned out only 3 of us met that day :p
I brought along some of my crochet items, since she was admiring them online and wanted to order. Most of it were small, and fits me. But the Coffee shrug was big on me, and it fit her perfectly! She was happy to have it, and I was happy to give it too :)


  1. How sweet Mimi to be able to meet your friends. I am sure they will cherish your gifts to them :)

  2. I think so too, Pearlin ;)

  3. Isn't it nice to reunite with friends? I'm sure they loved their crochet shrugs!

  4. That's so nice, Mimi! I love your hair in the bottom picture. (I'm thinking about getting all of mine cut off again, too.) It looks like everyone had fun. :)

  5. Thanks Christina and Tina! We did have fun, hope there'll be more reunions with more friends :)

  6. Thanks for sharing, dear Mimi! You look pretty as always!

  7. Thank you Vik!!
    Because of this post, a fellow crochet blogger here in Quezon City saw my friend in the photo, and we found out that we had common friends from work :)


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