Monday, October 11, 2010

Creative Crochet Jewelry, part 2

Creating your own crochet jewelry, even if you're not so inclined - is much easier when you have the right materials, tools, tricks and inspiration. That's why picking the right book that will inspire is important. I'm  grateful for this book and consider it a blessing to receive. (See previous post.)

Now for my first inspired project here's my Flowers and Pearls bracelet.

I used: Cannon thread with metallic
Crochet hook size 1.75
The pattern I followed is the bracelet on p. 29. I wanted to make it all silver, but I didn't have the right material, so I used a partial ball of white cotton thread with silver metallic. The flowers turned out a bit bigger than the model in the book. So I made only 6 flowers, instead of 7. 
My pearls were also bigger. 
I did not attach a clasp, but sewed the flowers together and sewed it onto a white garter. I'm glad it came out the right size and just stretches a little to slip in and out of my hand.


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