Monday, October 18, 2010

Mix and Match Crochet Patterns

Have you used Ravelry's pattern browser to search for crochet patterns/projects to make or just to admire?
I was going to make a simple crocheted kitchen towel, since I was inspired by Fats' latest design. I wanted it easier to finish, so instead of making the flower motif, I picked a simple square motif - the Butterfly Garden Square, from the pattern database:

I chose from free crochet patterns, with photos, worked in square motifs. The search is almost instant, and I found what I liked from the first page of my search. Btw, search can include not just patterns found online, free or for sale, but also printed patterns in books and magazines that are included in the Ravelry database.
I worked on the chosen square, and added the main part of the towel from Fat's pattern. Its just so easy to mix and match patterns - can't imagine how its like to go back to those days when we can't find the project we want, or spend way too much time just looking even if we have tons of resources. Hooray for Ravelry!

This is the kitchen towel I quickly finished for instant gratification. Its good enough for display and light use:

And here's another towel quickly finished. This started as a Crazy Dishcloth, but I needed a hand towel this time, so I made this.


  1. I have used that search engine at Ravelry. A lot. I just used it today to look for soap saver patterns. I like that it has archived patterns, too. Your towels look nice! I like that yellow/ecru one, that looks unique. :)

  2. Thanks Tina! Can't imagine what we would do without Ravelry...and there really isn't any excuse now not to find the project to crochet or knit ;)

  3. I love the search engine at Ravelry. I find I get lost too easily when I use it and spend so much time looking at all the pretties. I love your blog, so many beautiful patterns.

  4. I havent actually used the search engine until a few days ago when I was adding my own patterns. There are tons of interesting patterns on ravelry for sure! :-)


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