Sunday, October 03, 2010

Creative Crochet Jewelry

More than a month ago I got an email asking if I’d like a copy of a new crochet book for review. I didn’t get excited yet until I clicked on the link and saw the cover:

Just from seeing this, I knew I would be thrilled to have the book.
I have enjoyed making crochet jewelry ever since I got on the internet, and have made several designs of my own. I couldn’t wait to get the book and to try some of the patterns there and to get inspired to create more.
Now that I finally got the book, I could say it was even more thrilling than I expected. Every project is presented with beautiful photos and clear instructions. I instantly became a fan of the designer/artist, Esther Zadock. For me, the best aspect of her book is that it inspires creativity and sparks up one’s imagination.
I know I’ll be spending some hours just scouring through my stuff looking for beads, jewels, stones; colorful and metallic yarns; and whatever other materials that I could use for crochet jewelry. I would love to make the bangles, multistrand necklaces, cluster rings and earrings.
The only materials in the book that I probably would just dream about for now are the elastic gold or silver thread and the dead-soft gold-filled or silver wire...aaahhh! Other than that I guess I’ll be able to find most of the supplies here. I’ll be showing my inspired projects from this book, soon!


  1. Can´t wait to see your next creations, Mimi!

  2. Wow! Such a nice book... Is it easy to follow and understand?

  3. looks like a very interesting book. i can't wait to see what lovely jewelry you will make.

  4. Thanks Vik! I already made one bracelet ;)

    Hi Peach, yes the instructions are easy to understand, and the projects vary from beginner to experienced skill level.

    Thanks M! I think you'll find this book very inspiring for your beaded crochet projects :)


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