Saturday, December 11, 2010

Crochet wearables

This time of the year is a bit colder here and just right to wear some light cardigans and shrugs. There are plenty of different styles in different fabrics at the RTW racks, but of course I'm always thinking about crochet cardigans and shrugs ;)
My Shells and Flowers Shrug design from a few years ago, is still wearable today. Here is one recently made for me by my crochetaholic buddy, Yolanda. She gifted me this to show her appreciation for my designs...I feel so blessed! Though it is very hard for us to see each other personally, she found a way to send it to me :)

And here's another new Shells and Flowers Shrug project shared on Ravelry by mollyfaerie: Love it!

Oh, and I've finally finished the Shapely Tunic for my SIL (though I still have to weave in ends and edge the neck...), here it is...hope she likes it!

Here's another Shapely Tunic project, this one is by Riohnna and modeled by her:


  1. I love crochet!! Love the shrugs. Must make something for myself one of these days!

  2. Wow! Your shrugs are still going strong, Mimi. :) They all look great. I like your tunic. (And Riohnna's, too.)


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